The End of The Semester

Summer break is coming!! NOW Only the exams are left. ㅡGOT TO STUDYㅡ

I had a computer class this year. Actually I don’t really like to do something through computers. I wasn’t friendly with computers, but I love to play games through my computer; It’s awesome!!    IN computer class, i learned about how to use AUDACITY. It was a program that can be recorded. It was pretty cool but I didn’t liked it.    NEXT I learned about how to use a GIMP program. It’s kind of a Photos hoping application but there was a little difference. I didn’t liked this tool either. BUT through this class, I learned many things. At last, I was able to use of the tools; It was pretty cool hahaha:)   I learned something that I can’t say anything about it. My wonderful teacher and my awesome friends, THANK YOU for being with me in this moment.. NO other than that-necessary-